What to Expect

Initial appointment

Choosing a financial planner to guide you through your personal financial planning is a big commitment, so Jane Smith Financial Planning Ltd offers an initial appointment of up to one hour without charge or obligation. This gives you the opportunity to tell us about yourself and what you hope to achieve, and allows you to find out how we can meet your needs.


Following our initial meeting, we will give you a quotation for the cost of compiling your Personal Financial Management Plan on your behalf.

Second appointment

If you wish to proceed with our quotation, we will arrange a second appointment, which will take anything between two and four hours.

This is when we go through:

  • Your aims and objectives
  • Your priorities
  • Current income and expenditure
  • Existing plans and investments

In other words, a full exploration of your current situation to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your needs.

Your Personal Financial Management Plan

Once we have a complete picture, we develop your Personal Financial Management Plan, designed to capture your position in a single document, which forms the basis of all the investments you make with our guidance and advice.

This document will include clear visual representations of your current position, the issues you may face, and the areas you need to concentrate on. You can see examples of these scenarios by clicking here.

“My financial plan is easy to read and understand. There is always a genuine interest and concern for my well-being and time to discuss things. Also a warm and friendly atmosphere reigns but at the same time remains extremely professional.” Mrs C, November 2009

Included in your plan is a list of the actions we recommend you take, together with the expected costs.


Jane Smith Financial Planning will guide you through the process of implementing our recommendations.

Review and Continued Planning

Your objectives and resources will change over time, as will the assumptions regarding inflation, interest rates and growth. It is critical that your financial planning keeps pace with these changes. By continuing to use our services, continued reviewing and updating of your plan, as required, we will help to improve the likelihood of your achieving the lifestyle you desire.

For information on how we are paid for ongoing services, click here.

Ready to take action?

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